Friday, August 28, 2015

The complete checklist of the exhibition Raymond Roussell @ Galerie Buchholz, New York City, 2 July - 29 August, 2015

(the original)


p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, I'm sure the bear loves you too in his/her own inimitable way. ** James, Hi. I saw your email, thank you(!), and your follow up. I'll set to the task of setting everything up this weekend, and if I need your assistance on that line-break matter, I'll let you know. I'm sure the gigs love you too in their own inimitable way. ** G.r. maierhofer, Hi, Grant. I did see your email, and I'm going to open it and grab my goody today. Thanks a lot! ** H, Hi. Oh, wow, you were friends with Okkyung Lee? I like her work a lot. That's very cool. Hm, I don't think I know that Koestenbaum book. Huh. I thought I knew all of his books. While you're hunting it over there, I'll hunt it over here. ** Steevee, Hi. No, I've only heard, I think, three tracks. They were very Slayerish pleasurable. Based on them, my guess is that it's a solid album, and, given that it's the first post-Jeff Hanneman (RIP) music, that's pretty good news in and of itself. I'll get it, but I'm not expecting it to be a late era highlight a la 'God Hates Us All'. No newspaper comments sections for me either. Boiling blood is not a pleasure for me. ** Torn porter, Hey! Got your text. I need to sort out what's the deal with my today, and I will soon, and I'll text you back once I have, and we can make a plan for today or tonight or hopefully tomorrow at the latest. xxx ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Yes, of course, I remember your Hauff highlight since that's how I found her work. Nice review of the new album in the current issue of The Wire. I'm excited too. ** √Čtienne, Hi. Oh, cool. Really sweet bookshop, right? Ha ha, I can totally imagine that accident. Do you know Un Regard Moderne? That bookshop is one of the great wonders of the world. Near St. Michel. You have to walk like Philippe Petit in there, or the entire store will collapse in an avalanche. Yep, I've lived here a longish time, and I've never encountered the 'rude' Parisian of utter lore. Really nice that you caught Maurice Risch on TV. Wish I'd paid enough attention. What's left on your visiting agenda? ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Oh, man, no sweat. The wonderful degree to which you pay attention to the posts has gotten me through many dark nights of the soul when blog-related 'what's the point' thoughts arise. Yeah, I have the same Skype name. I'll log on at 11 am my time and then just give me a ring when you're ready. Looking maximally forward to it! ** Brendan, Hey. Fuck the Facts, right? The female co-lead singer and her voice are an addictive wonder, among the band's other awesome things. Me too re: getting there and seeing you! ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. My prediction is that being suplexed by Brock is like sitting down in a comfy arm chair after a long, hard day. I saw a little squib about the Jon Stewart thing, but not the whole thing in motion. I will look. I'm so glad Mr. Stewart didn't get hurt in that dangerous situation, ha ha ha. ** That's it? Okey doke. Oh, if you're in or around NYC, you can still see the Raymond Roussell show whose gorgeous checklist I'm featuring up above if you can get to Galerie Buchholz, 17 East 82nd Street, today or tomorrow. Obviously, I wish the 'you' whom I just addressed were me. See you tomorrow.